Why can't us?

Congratulations to the Phils on the WS win, but the following video of fans celebrating made me think about politics.

Besides being an awesome video, I think we're all a lot like this fan as it pertains to this years election. We're excited for the change, but we don't fully realize the consequences of our actions. To those that are excited about an Obama presidency, enjoy the celebration while you can because tht empty bottle of Grey Goose is coming at us and I'm afraid it will be a nasty fall.


The Return of the A-Hole

It's been a while since I graced the pages of this blog with my thoughts, and I think its time people get offended again. I don't have much to share, but I thought I would leave a few random thoughts.

My new favorite song.

I realize I'm about two months late on this song, and that its only from a commercial for a video game that I will never play, but it has all the elements I need to be awesome, violence, falsetto and a catchy beat. The other song I can't get out of my head these days is "Plastic Jesus" from Cool Hand Luke (RIP Paul, one of the coolest guys ever). The Jack Johnson version is pretty catchy as well.

The book I just finished.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for new books to read from this post, but I went on my own and read "When Genius Failed" by Lowenstein. This book was a great look into the LTCM blowup in 1998 and the resulting market chaos. Its incredible how similar that financial turmoil was to today's problems; CDS, leverage and equity volatility. Definitely recommended reading to other nerds.

Fly fishing in the West is the best vacation a man could ask for.

I recently spent a few days fishing the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, the Madison River and a secret creek in South Eastern Idaho. It was some of the best fishing I've had in a long time and a perfect vacation.

The market sucks.

Below is a picture reference of what has happened to the market over the last month.

Sometimes its better not to ask any questions and just move on.

It's hard to believe the markets could be down when we have traders working as hard as the guys in this clip from CNBC.

I was going to write a bit about politics, but it will have to wait for another day. I'm afraid this post is too long and too sexy already.

Other than these things not much is going on. My personal investments are down 36% ytd, I'm slammed at work with earnings season, we're about to elect a socialist and the forecast for this weekend calls for snow. Life is pretty awesome right now.


Daily Annoyance

Why doesn't anyone use their turn signal??
Come on people!!


Rainy Day Solution

How awesome is a place that plays Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" as their hold music??
Makes me want to call every day and just have them place me on hold!


Today's Special

It appears to be beef. Beefs actually, and not the edible kind. The kind that sort of run through my brain all day, making me wonder.
Beef #1: Why does it seem like every time I clean (okay not EVERY time) it ends up costing me money? Example 1 - washing dishes, the crockpot to be exact. Drop said crockpot in the sink (a ceramic sink)...bye bye crockpot. It was actually kind of funny seeing that my MIL had just given me a crockpot cookbook a short time earlier. (On a side note, I am now on my third crockpot, but thankfully I was not the reason the second one broke).
Example 2 - vacuuming the living room. Seeing that my hair is falling out at a pace no one can keep up with (I am holding out hope that it will slow down soon), and T is rolling around, the LR must be vacuumed more often. The Hub usually does this chore because he doesn't think I do it as well as he does (I won't fight him on it if it means I don't have to vacuum). However today the hair needed to be vacuumed up. As I was vacuuming away I thought to myself. "I should play some Wii this afternoon, perhaps when T is napping...hmm, why has the vacuum stopped so suddenly?" Well, that would probably be because you just vacuumed up the cord for the remote sensor. After spending about 10 minutes unravelling the cord I noticed it hadn't been pulled out of any plug, it had ripped the cord in half. So now we need to replace the remote sensor...do they sell those separately? I sure hope so.
Beef #2: The View. OK, I will admit I watch The View...sometimes it's just on in the background, but sometimes I sit and watch it. Anyway, my beef with this has been simmering for awhile. As far as I understand the point of the show is to have on women with different "views" so they can discuss whatever is going on in the world, shoes, kids, celebs, whatever. Well, as far as I can tell, 4 of the 5 women seem to have the same view on most issues (especially politics). Seems sort of unbalanced to me. They also seem to gang up on the odd man out (I'm sure you can figure it out if you've seen it). Here's the beef - now I don't necessarily agree with the odd man out, or the other 3, but if the point of the show is to discuss different views, shouldn't everyone be allowed to offer their view, without being yelled at, shushed, cut off or talked over? How can you have a discussion including everyone's views if you aren't allowing them to be heard? Also, isn't the deck a little stacked? I mean, couldn't you have 2 women who tend to lean the same direction? Whether the minority opinion is correct, fact driven or based on emotion, at least give her the same courtesy that you expect when you speak your mind. If not, give her the boot, bring in someone new who will "yes ma'am" Barbara and you'll all be happy. Whether you like her or not she fills a purpose to the overall point of the show. Unfortunately I think she is being portrayed unfairly.
Beef #3: Why does every movie that looks intriguing to me (and believe me, not a lot do) have to be rated R? Whatever your feelings on movie ratings I don't make a habit of watching R rated ones. I have no problem with movies that are rated R because of the subject matter (war movies, crime movies, etc.) but I am just not a fan of gratuitous bad language and the sort. Anyway, I saw an ad for The Changeling this morning, and I actually felt like I would like to go see it...in the theatre!!! Then the ad popped up stating it was rated R. If anyone does go see this movie, could you let me know why it's rated R? And just in case any movie folks read this, here's a challenge..could you make a thoughtful, smart, intelligent, and enjoyable movie that isn't rated R? Just one, that's all. I know it's been done before..I own a couple of them! It seems the current crop of hit movies aren't up to the challenge... you've got ones about amateur pornos (no thanks), drugs (nope), chihuahuas(um, no)...is there anything out there worth seeing? Someone please let me know.
Beef #4: Why won't the child nap longer than 30 minutes???


Here We Go Again

Ok, so we all know I have a little obsession with TV - I won't deny it. And there's nothing better than the Fall TV season kicking into high gear (with the exception of LOST starting in January) as it has this past week. One of the shows I look forward to the most is The Amazing Race. I have been a watcher since the beginning and have a mildly odd crush on Phil (or maybe it's Browsie....). Anyway, TAR started up again last Sunday and unfortunately for me, we were out of town. Fortunately our DVR is back and was all set and ready to record so that Phil would greet me upon my return. So we decided to spend an exciting Friday night with our DVR (thanks to this wonderful sinus cold I received on the last day of our trip, and that we are just that boring). We sat down on the couch, dinner in hand and pressed play to begin another wonderful relationship with 11 wacky teams and Phil. It only took about .0385675 seconds for my jaw to drop, my shoulders to slump and, had I not had the sore throat I do, an angered scream that would have made the neighbours cover their ears escape from my mouth. See, not only is it Fall TV season, it is also Sunday Night Football on CBS, and I hate them. No one in particular of course, but I hate them for taking time outs, injuring themselves, dancing around, and whatever else they do that causes the game to go over its scheduled time slot, because when you do that, you mess up my Sunday night. What I found in place of Phil when play was pressed, was 60 Minutes...and it was then that I remembered the dreaded football games that run over EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. So if I am not home, and I have forgotten to record Cold Case as well...I miss anywhere from 2 minutes to the entire show. Way to kick off the season kids. This week I only missed the last 10 minutes, but I still had to look online to see how was eliminated - which is okay because I LOVE reading Josh Wolk's recaps on ew.com...but it's still annoying! Needless to say, a series recording has been issued for Cold Case so we never have to experience the horror again.
I missed you Browsie!