Here We Go Again

Ok, so we all know I have a little obsession with TV - I won't deny it. And there's nothing better than the Fall TV season kicking into high gear (with the exception of LOST starting in January) as it has this past week. One of the shows I look forward to the most is The Amazing Race. I have been a watcher since the beginning and have a mildly odd crush on Phil (or maybe it's Browsie....). Anyway, TAR started up again last Sunday and unfortunately for me, we were out of town. Fortunately our DVR is back and was all set and ready to record so that Phil would greet me upon my return. So we decided to spend an exciting Friday night with our DVR (thanks to this wonderful sinus cold I received on the last day of our trip, and that we are just that boring). We sat down on the couch, dinner in hand and pressed play to begin another wonderful relationship with 11 wacky teams and Phil. It only took about .0385675 seconds for my jaw to drop, my shoulders to slump and, had I not had the sore throat I do, an angered scream that would have made the neighbours cover their ears escape from my mouth. See, not only is it Fall TV season, it is also Sunday Night Football on CBS, and I hate them. No one in particular of course, but I hate them for taking time outs, injuring themselves, dancing around, and whatever else they do that causes the game to go over its scheduled time slot, because when you do that, you mess up my Sunday night. What I found in place of Phil when play was pressed, was 60 Minutes...and it was then that I remembered the dreaded football games that run over EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. So if I am not home, and I have forgotten to record Cold Case as well...I miss anywhere from 2 minutes to the entire show. Way to kick off the season kids. This week I only missed the last 10 minutes, but I still had to look online to see how was eliminated - which is okay because I LOVE reading Josh Wolk's recaps on ew.com...but it's still annoying! Needless to say, a series recording has been issued for Cold Case so we never have to experience the horror again.
I missed you Browsie!

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Granum Family said...

Ahhhh, I hate this too!!!! From now on, I just record the entire season of Cold Case cause the football game ALWAYS goes over. Love Amazing Race!