The Name Game

Now the fun begins.
Since we have eliminated one gender, we can focus on actually picking a name! I thought it would be fun to get suggestions this time around...see what the people think.  (Quick disclaimer: we do not have to use any suggestions given!)  Might be a good way to get the name juices rolling to figure out to call this cupcake!
So, if you want to leave a comment/name suggestion, please feel free.  Just be aware, no entries that begin with the letter "T" will be accepted.
IF we end up choosing a name someone suggested...I'll make you cupcakes, any flavour you want!  of course, if you don't live near me, well...you'll just have to bask in the glory of knowing we picked your suggestion!  Or, come visit me and I will make you some!
Let the games begin!
Oh, and friends of Mark, if you read this...nothing that rhymes with any vulgarity or body parts please!


Ming said...

I don't have a name suggestion but I just want to say that I like that you have to specify to Mark's friends to not be vulgar. haha

Erin said...

I'll be working on ideas. And I'll try to steer clear of anything beginning with T. Although, you do know I only think along the K lines right? :) And just so you know, we're very excited for you and your family (whether it was going to be a boy OR a girl!).

Anonymous said...

Ok you totally took away my T thunder so I took the T names that I was going to suggest and put a K in front those instead. So here they are. Karyn - Keegan - Kaite - Kamryn - Kristen. And if you don't like those just put the T's back in front of them. I personally like Avery. Haha From Julie Fandel

Lisa said...

I think you should name her Willodean.
EEK! :)

Shelly said...

I'm all for Hepsebah Bathsheba Smith. I think it's got a certain ring to it....don't you? :P

ME.Ccrew said...

...Hailey, Rebekah, Sara, Hannah, Julia ...these are my suggestions some of my Favourites...probably too late! I so remember the tricky picking of the name. Hope you are feeling well.

Take care,
Michele Zc.