Brain Scramble

I'm not sure which I am finding more difficult... name picking or car shopping.  Today, I think car shopping is winning.  Who comes up with prices on cars anyway?? It's ridiculous!  And there are so many cars!!  Why can't we just limit it to three choices?  It would be easier for me that way.  Too many choices makes me want to run away and forget that I have to decide.  Between names, cars, to finish the basement or not to finish the basement, sell the car/trade it in...I am in need of running away.  And in need of more money (donations are welcome).  You think there is all the time in the world, but then slowly but surely, we're in June already.  One weekend after another gone.  Work responsibility, church responsibility, fun times, trips, commitments here and there...we are out of time!  So much for a girls trip.  Not even sure we'll get one last family trip in before I am forbidden to travel.  I guess I need to hire a decision maker for me.  Someone who can sort out all the options and tell me which one is the best, when I need to do it and how long it will take to get it done.  Do they have people for that?  On a positive look, the bedroom might get painted this weekend!! It's only taken four and a half years and 12 color samples on the wall...but the end might be in sight!  
So here is to getting decisions made, in a timely manner and to a fresh coat of paint!

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Kyndra said...

Not sure what you are looking for in a car, but we own two Honda Pilots and absolutely love them. Good luck with the other decisions!