Today's Lesson

As I was perusing my Parenting magazine over lunch today, I came to a conclusion.  The magazine exists solely to make me (and perhaps a few other SAHM's) feel inadequate.  If we're not using cloth diapers, we are not only harming our children but also the environment.  If we are forcing our children to sleep in a crib by them selves (gasp!) from a few months old, we are making sleep a terribly scary, lonely event.  If, heaven forbid, we are not feeding them all natural, organic, non-processed, frozen food, well then who knows what kind of sickness and health issues they will develop.  On top of all of that, if we are not running a business of earth friendly baby products, writing books on eating kindly, working in television or having our own line of ridiculously overpriced children's clothing, then what are we doing with our time?
Yes, I know, it's celebrities who have an entourage of folks (trainers, chefs, assistants, money) but I am guessing most of Parenting's readers are NOT celebrities.  So...what about us folks who manage to find 5 minutes for a shower, throw in some processed, frozen chicken nuggets for dinner (carrots on the side), stay in pj's all day, maybe throw in a load of laundry or two....
Parenting, here's an idea for your next month's edition...A Day In The Life of a SAHM.  Show me some pictures of the dishes piled up, last night's dinner on the floor under the high chair, the pile of laundry waiting for someone to put it away, Mom in her pj's with disheveled hair and kids running wild, tearing pages from books, leaving a trail of toys behind them as they whiz by in a blur.  Sounds like a regular day around these parts!

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