Boys vs Girls

How I wish I had something intelligent to share with you today, but I don't.  I was just tired of seeing that previous blog title.  Even if it is true.
So, next week we will hopefully know what this little "cupcake" (as a friend referred to it) specifically is, other than a baby of course.  No, we have no hopes one way or the other.  We are mostly set for either, minus a car that can fit us all, of course, so whichever way it rolls is fine with us.  Although the last three and a half years have shone some light on the pros and cons of girls vs boys, I'm still not convinced one is easier than the other.  They are just different.  I don't know which I prefer...especially since it ultimately comes down to personality, not gender.  The things I love about having my girl are wildly different than the reasons I love having my boy.  This third one could be a girl and be totally different than girl #1...you know what I am saying.  So, that said...whatever.  As long as it is one, and not two! Of course, now I have jinxed myself and we will get an even bigger surprise next week (and an even bigger car!)
I debated having a "Gender Poll", but really, you have a 50-50 chance of being right, how hard is that?  However, if you feel the need to share a feeling, or a thought on the subject matter, go right ahead and comment away.  You've got pretty decent odds.  Maybe we'll make it interesting once we know and hold a name contest...that would be much more interesting!
In the meantime, if one more person tells me I look bigger this third time than I have with the previous two...I may just have a public meltdown.  I tell myself it's because I'm 40 pounds smaller than I was the other times, not because I am having multiples, as people like to inform me.  So, if you see me and you think I am already resembling a whale, or any other creature of such girth, do me a favour and keep it to yourself or whisper about me behind my back, don't tell me. 


Erin said...

Although multiples are always a possibility, it is very common to show much earlier on with each pregnancy. So don't feel too bad. As long as you pass that dreaded glucose test you should be thrilled! And if you held a name contest I think I would lose. I'm just curious if you will stick with the T theme or break the mold. Instead of stuttering K's like I do you'll be t t t t t t t t...ttt, just so you can get the right kid's name. :)

Cassie said...

I suppose I couldn't comment on how big you're getting because I never see you! A picture update every now and then would be fun! I agree on the 'T' question. Is there a theme going?