North vs North

The wee one and I will be heading off for an international escape tomorrow...wish me luck on the drive, any hints for well behaved 10 month olds in a car for 7 hours would be welcomed! Perhaps I will treat you all to some foreign words of wisdom as we explore all that the great motherland has to offer, well that which is located in our city anyway.Hopefully the spouse survives without us...as I suspect he will, albeit with dirty dishes and unwashed clothing! But survival nonetheless. Perhaps he will keep our readers occupied with his political blatherings, sports statistics or random ventings since there will be no one here censor or shut down such ideas!!
To the North!!

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Grandma Smith said...

Have Fun! Tell your parents hello from us. Sorry about the phone call this afternoon, what can I say,"Hello" would have been good. I'm sure that if you give Miss. T a little chocolate she will travel well. Good Luck and Be Safe.