Nightmare on Elm Street

The worst thing almost happened to me this weekend...almost.
Saturday, Mark got the mail and discovered a coupon for a free bag with purchase from DSW (woohoo!)...so I said to myself, "Sweet, I have not 1, but 2 coupons for DSW and some birthday money - this is a no brainer!" So I go to the coupon drawer - no coupons to be seen. That's okay, I put them in the dresser in the bedroom. Nope, no coupons. Oh wait, they are in the door of the car. No, still no coupons. Oh wait, it's the other car. No. Horror of horror!!! How do I lose a $5 off AND a 20% off coupon?? I began to come to terms with the lost coupons and the fabulous pair of shoes that I would not be calling my own. Sunday morning came, and as I was making a mad dash out the door on my way to church I was struck with a thought!! No, nothing to do with Easter, I thought, my brown purse!!! So I unbelievingly opened the purse fully expecting to be disappointed, when what did I see? The coupons!!! Oh happy day! I hadn't lost the coupons, I just forgot where I put them. There is nothing as senseless as wasted DSW coupons, and I am not one to be wasteful. So hopefully sometime this month I will head out on the just over 1 mile drive to my local DSW and do my best to try to stimulate this economy! We all need to do our part, right?


Krista said...

Agreed! I was just thinking today that i have bought 4 pairs of shoes in the last 2 weeks...hmm...no DSW here, but they just opened a store called Shoe Carnival that has a selection and prices to die for! (I also love the coupons! And Bogo is nice too) Have fun shoe shopping, and good luck!

Janiecea said...
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