Does It Ever End?

So since LOST is over does that mean I have nothing left to say??  Hardly.  I just don't think my day to day life lately has given me any gems to share with the world.  Unless you want to hear about how many time I have heard the phrases, "I want a snack" and "I want a show."  Please don't ask, I can't count that high even if I tried. All that's been going on at the homestead is deck building (please, PLEASE, stop raining on the days the Mark is home to work so he can actually get this beast completed), room painting (actually progressing faster than the deck building), dresser painting (only begun today), and a plethora of other to do items in various stages of completion or non-starting.
Is it possible to hire someone to just come and vacuum and do dishes?  That would seriously help out a ton (any takers? Email me!)  Oh and of course someone to watch the soon to be two year old so the painting can be finished, the curtains sewn, the bed put together... Why hasn't one of my nieces volunteered to come down and be my slave, helper?  It's not like one of you is in school right now, and the other is about done.  Come on girls, you know you want to!!  No sales tax on clothes and shoes here....hmmmm, what do ya say??
Anyone have any super easy, quick, yummy freezer meals I can stock my freezer with?  Or anyone just want to bring me some already made I can just throw in my freezer?   Mom, you feel up to some meal making when you get here??  I guess we could just stock it with Lean Cuisines....?
Here's to hoping the week is filled with productiveness, but I don't hold up hope.  If the deck can just be done by Saturday so we can have the wee one's little birthday BBQ out there, that would be great.  And maybe if the Boy's room could be painted by the weekend too, that would be awesome.  Although if it means early mornings with no naps just so the child goes to bed early so I can paint... I'm not sure I will survive long enough to see the weekend.
There's life in a nutshell.  And don't ask if we've picked a name, because it's nowhere near the top of the to do list right now!!

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