Every day I look at this blog and think, "I should post something", and then I walk away.  I really want to post something; something witty, though provoking, gut wrenching funny...doesn't matter as long as it's something.  As you can tell, I haven't had that revelation yet.
I could go on about the pros and cons of having church start at 2:45, how the -20 degree weather makes my jacket feel like hard plastic, why I despise the way the builders built my kitchen and chose the carpet for this house, how I am ticked with the series finale of Medium...but I've decided I need to complain less (and become more organized) this year.  Can't say I am perfect in either area, but it's only 24 days into the year.  The organization is slooooooowly getting there (only being hindered by the poorly designed kitchen and brain block), and the complaining...well, does it ever go away? No, but I am trying to keep it to myself!  Just don't ask the Husband, he'll probably tell you nothing has changed.
Anyway, if anyone even comes by the blog, I will do my best to find some witty, read worthy blog to put up her soon.  In the meantime...I am off to try to be more productive today!

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