Hungry Like the Wolf

Alright blog readers (those of you I know and those I don't)... I need your ideas.
For those of you stopping by, reading this post, will you share with me what kind of items you have in your food storage?  Not long term, like 50 pound bags of wheat and rice, but food for the short term (a year or so);  Food you use daily, cook meals with etc.
It doesn't have to be specific, like brand names or specific types of cereal, more like staples/basics that you always keep on hand for making dinners, baking, whipping up masterpieces!
Help me out with what's in your pantry/storage so I can get my year's food storage back on track before food prices start requiring layaway programs at grocery stores!


Krista said...

Here are the things I have cases of: Cream of chicken soup, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, spaghettios, tuna, chili, canned corn, extra baking stuff ie brown sugar, baking soda etc, and I usually have on hand olives, spaghetti sauce/noodles, Mac n Cheese, I could go on and on but I will spare you.

Corinne said...

This is my problem--I don't really use any canned foods daily so I never know what I would put in food storage if we had the space (future food storage!).
I'll check back for more suggestions.

Nachelle said...

I have much of what Krista said and then always lots of beans like black, kidney, northern, etc. that I use for making soups, chili, etc. I am trying to get my storage up too...ugh

Mindi said...

I found the freeze dried fruit from Shelf Reliance is great! Had a friend who had the whole assortment recommend what to get and what to stay away from. Great in concept... can buy online at Costco. We have tasted most of the fruit and the boys love them! Strawberries might be our favorite! Supposedly you can rehydrate them and they taste almost fresh. For now, we just like to eat them straight out of the can! And, they claim to last over a year once open!... if the little fresh pack stays inside. We have not had them long enough to test that out... but, either way, it is convenient, keeps and makes me feel better about having produce on hand if the need arises. Check it out!