So I am two thirds of the way through my cake courses, and I thought I should immortalize it on this blog.
Mark signed me up for a class for a Christmas gift because he knew I was interested but would never sign up on my own (Thanks!), and it led me to take course 2 and course 3 (which we start next week!)
I figure I probably won't become the next cake star on the Food Network, but hopefully I can make some decent birthday cakes for the Fam.
Who knows...maybe someone will ask me to make one for them too, but my breath is not being held.
Anyway, here are some pictures to prove I did it (before I forget how to do it).  Some of the pictures are from my phone, so not the best quality, but you get the idea!  There are a few more flowers we learned in both courses, but I never took pictures of them...they weren't that exciting!  Course 3 brings us to gum paste and fondant, woohoo!  Should be good times, I am looking forward to it.  Now just where do I put all my equipment and who is going to eat all these cakes?!

Course 1
Course 2


Trisha Martin said...

You can bake a Birthday cake for me next month:) You'll probably have to eat it too, though:( I haven't had a homemade birthday cake in years, so you would really, truly make my day! BTW, I'm super impressed with you cake decorating talent. I'd like to try it someday.

Mindi said...

Those flowers are impressive! How fun.. continuing ed... cake-making style! :)