The Incredible Shrinking Feet

After having my first baby, in the hopes of quickly losing the baby weight, I decided I would also try to lose some pre-baby weight.  I figured while I was at it...why not?  I succeeded to lose a few extra pounds, and when I had baby #2, I decided to do the same thing.  Thankfully, with exercising and eliminating peanut m&m's I was able to lose even more.  Of course, baby #3 came around and this point and brought back all of the weight.  Yay.  Losing that weight took much longer, but it eventually took a hike.  It took a ton more effort and work the third time around!  The strangest thing about the weight loss this time around, is that it seems I have lost weight in my feet.  Oh I know, poor me, lost some weight...wah wah.  But, it is sad. I am now finding that my shoes (oh my shoes), are too big!!  If I only had a couple pairs of shoes, maybe this would be okay.  But...if you know me, then you know I have a few more than a couple pairs of shoes. Every Sunday, I try on probably 4 or 5 pairs before I can find one that doesn't start slipping off after three steps. Or that doesn't make the dreaded "air fart" noises.
So, can someone explain to me how my feet can seemingly shrink half a size?
And, if you are a size 8 and are looking for some good/great condition high heeled shoes...let's talk.  I think we can work out a deal.
On the bright side, I foresee lots of shoe shopping in my future!


Kyndra said...

That's so strange, most people have the opposite problem after kids. After my 3rd pregnancy my feet were a full size bigger and I had to give away all my shoes to my Young Women in the ward. I still haven't bothered to buy many shoes for my whopping size 10 feet. I wish I had your problem!

mid said...