The Beat Goes On

So I told Mark he needed to post something on here because it's been far too long since he has offended anyone, but I'm not sure he'll have the time to find a way to offend everyone (he doesn't like to leave anyone out)....so I guess we're all stuck with my ramblings.
Since it seems the only way to keep myself on track is to post my weekly doings and assume everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting to find out how the week went, here I go!!
I got to the gym twice, only ate 1 cookie all week, drank lots of water and skim milk (I know, it's pretty much water anyway), danced around the house with T (Mark wouldn't join in), walked around at the outdoor shops nearby....and tried to limit my intake at Denny's. I am happy to say that I think I have parted ways with a pound or two over the last two weeks.
This week I have made it my goal to get to the gym 3 times and I think Mark's schedule may allow for it, now just to make myself get there!! There are still no treats in the house, although that might change this weekend for the little one - everyone needs a birthday cupcake or two, right?? (Anyone have any awesome cupcake recipes they want to share?) I may still reach 10 pounds by the middle of July, although it would be nice to hit 10 by the end of next week but since I don't live at the Biggest Loser ranch I am pretty sure that won't happen without losing a limb.
Now everyone just needs to stay on my butt to make sure I get to the gym and don't make a cake or two while we are stuck inside on a rainy day!
On a different note, anyone seen any super cure sandals I should buy? I stopped by the mecca this past week and saw a couple pairs, but without a coupon to use I had to pass...perhaps one will come in the mail today? That would brighten the gloomy skies and give me a reason to procrastinate cleaning the house even longer. Visitors don't really care if your house is clean, do they?
Until then...


Mary said...

Check out this link for cupcakes. I've never tried them, but they are so cool to look at!
Have a great day!

Nachelle said...

Nice job on the gym and the no treats, that is one thing I just can't do, no treats...so way to go, but splurge for a b-day cupcake for sure!