Information Overload

Ok, so maybe not THAT much info, but much more than usually goes on in our lives in a weeks time! First of all, we just got back from a trip to Idaho for Mark's 10 year reunion, and a visit with his family. Almost everyone was there this time, just missing two brothers-in-law. I think Mark got to do almost everything he intended on doing during the trip... fishing, golfing, eating Papa Kelsey's and bambino's, sleeping in (ok just once), visiting with family and neighbourhood friends, and seeing old high school friends. Oh, he also got to show off his new bathing suit.. I told him I was going to put a picture up on here, but I think it might cause a little too much tension in our house if I did! I promise if I get permission I will post it, but this one I can't just share with the world without his okay.
Mark with a few of the grandkids

Life was also quite eventful before we left for Idaho. We never have two crazy things happen so closely together, let alone in the same week!! Crazy.

This would be my new employer! Yes, I have re-joined the workforce AND they give me a discount to do it... awesome! I think we will be shopipng there even more in the future. While it is nice, and needed (for both of our sanities) to be back at work, there is something to be said for sleeping in until whenever you want, getting dressed whenever you want, spending the day doing whatever you want... but it also gets boring. I will have to find another way though to keep up with the shenanigans of the Bradys, Hortons, Cranes, Lopez-Fitzgeralds and all those other crazy folks on DOOL and Passions. I know, but there really is nothing else on in the afternoon, and I go crazy just listening to my brain all day long. Well, my brain and Rachel Ray.

Ok, so the last piece of info/craziness to have happened since last we posted... come the middle of September, we will no longer be apartment dwellers. Yes that is correct, we have switched teams and will be joining the ranks of homeowners!!!!! I am so very excited to not have to listen to a next door neighbour ever again, well at least through my wall, ceiling or floor that is... I am sure we'll have some crazy across the street neighbour who will sit on their stairs and howl at the moon or something insane like that; Just our luck.
Here are a couple of pictures of the new homestead.

My guess is that the next few weeks will go back to the regular uneventful pace that we usually live, but these tidbits should suffice for awhile! Appliance shopping will probably be the next big event in our lives! Is it sad that I am excited for that?


Nicole said...

Congrats on the house - that is so great, and I guess you guys are officially grown ups now!

Melissa said...

WOW! So many congrats are in order. The house looks awesome! Really nice.
Also, congrats on the job. That will be the BEST place to work - what kind of discount do you get? When do you start? So many great things. MSP is the PLACE baby!

Jared Smith said...

For a few days there my mind had actually blocked out all memories of "the suit". Thanks for bringing them all back to the surface.

It was a lot of fun to see you guys again. I'm still recovering from all the fun.

Emma said...

No, it is not sad to be excited about shopping for appliances. Honestly, I think I was happier on the day our dishwasher was installed than on the day we closed on the apartment.

Melissa said...

Are you guys ok? Are you near the bridge???

Sheena Larkin said...

I thought of you this morning as I was watching the news so I checked in to see if you'd had any new posts. I see Melissa was thinking the same thing. I hope all is well.

Melanie said...

We are alright. It happened less than a mile from where we live, and it is a road we travel many, many times during the week, but we are okay! Thanks for the concerns.

Yvonne said...

What a beautiful home, Melanie. I'm excited for you.

Also, you are going to work at my all-time favorite store. A trip to the U.S. always includes a trip to Target--in fact, if I can, I always try to make sure the hotel is close!!! And, all my kids know when I come to visit they better plan on making a visit there!!!