Curtain Call

As I sat watching LOST last night, alone...I realized that I was very glad no one could see into my living room! Usually Markus is home and we watch it together but he was on the other side of the country, so it was just me, myself and I to marvel in the headache-inducing insanity. And boy oh boy was it headache-inducing. I have a tendency to get a little violent when watching Lost. Just ask Mark's arms and legs. I become slap happy. If I figure something out, or some crazy revelation is made, I slap him. He usually sits a seat cushion or two away from me to lessen the bruising. I am sure he was more than happy to watch the show in peace and quiet last night!
Sadly, I realized how much of an oddity I am last night. has anyone seen the Brendan Fraser clip from the Golden Globes a few weeks ago? See it here, if you haven't. I think I did that at one point during the first hour. Come the second hour, I gave up all pride and found myself sitting on the floor watching the rest of the show after having jumped up and clapped over some other piece of juiciness. While I sat there I realized how odd it was for me to be on the floor, but I just didn't care. For some reason, standing up when faced with such awesome revelations, made it that much more awesome for me. Sitting on the floor just made the whole thing even more edge of my seat.
Now the world knows my secret. I am an even larger nerd than you may have previously thought. Thankfully Mark has put up with me and my Lost antics for the past 5 seasons, hopefully this season I don't flat out punch him in the face during the finale.
So if you ever find yourself walking by my house Tuesday nights at 8:00...please don't peek in my windows!


Ming said...

I love that you get this excited. It's fun. Jeff does the same thing when he watches Jazz games. Sometimes the couch is just too far away from the action so he'll stand or get really close to the TV. Or he'll jump or shout or most often SLAP the couch. Thankfully not me (sorry Mark) but the couch definitely takes a beating. I can be all the way upstairs and know if something bad happened in the game by the sound of the slap.

Grandma Smith said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it, hopefully it met all of your expectations and left you wanting more. I have not watched any of them since I was counseled by you after season 1 that I would never get it without watching all of them. So I have decided that as the season ends I will rent the whole thing and watch it all in one big marathon. Although I would like to see you watching it. I think it would be very entertaining and I'm sure I would gain a great deal of insight into YOU.

Krista said...

I missed it...we have no internet in our house yet, and not feasible to go to my mom's wiuth the kids and try to keep them quiet long enough to watch anything, so...hopefully the episode will stay online for a while?