Blah Blah Blah

How is it that a post from a day ago is already in my nerves? Yet nothing has happened in the last 24 hours to make me want to blog, but I need to because I hate the previous post. Some times you have something you want to say, but it ends up coming out nothing like it sounded in your head. How does that happen? I've always thought I should take a class on how to transition my brain thoughts into public thoughts. But then again, I think I talk too much already, so it's probably not a good idea.
I think February is the blah month. We should change the name to Feblahary. I am a person who doesn't mind winter...but I think this year I am feeling the pull of warmer places. Not that a warm, tropical vacation, or a move to a warmer climate is in store....I just find myself daydreaming on kayak a lot more than usual. As soon as June rolls around I will be hating summer (I know it doesn't get THAT hot in MN, but 80 is my limit folks) and wishing for fall. It's just an evil cycle. I could never pull off a move to Florida or Texas or anywhere much more south than Chicago (and I don't want to live in Chicago) which sort of limits us. Mark would much rather live in the heat but he would much rather not have me whine and complain about the heat every day! Although if you asked him today, he'd probably disagree. Not that we're moving in the near future or anything. The way I see it, winter is on it's way out and spring should be here...by June at the latest. And those 2-3 months of spring/summer are great! :o)
The blahs make me want to do less than I normally do...coming up with a dinner idea is hurting my brain tonight. I can't even ponder what we will do tomorrow, that's just too much pressure! What do you do when you have the blahs? Is there a quick cure that doesn't involve a trip to the south of France? Or is that what I am going to have to do...because if it is, I'll make that sacrifice.

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