Just a quick little note to say Happy Anniversary Mark!
It's the big 0-9 this year, and I am sure it will be a night full of fun and excitement.  Well I guess that depends on how many diapers will have to be changed between the time you get home and the time we get to go to sleep.  Fun AND excitement I tell ya.
It's been a great nine years.  Three states, and now 2 kids later....and to think, it all began with a pan of spinach lasagna.  Who knew?

(I'd put a picture up, but apparently the only pictures on this computer are of children...I'll throw one on here later for all you devoted readers to see what we looked like on that blessed day so long ago! haha)


Emma said...

Our anniversary was also spent mostly with kids in tow. We went to fancy family breakfast, and it was actually pretty fun. Happy anniversary.

Grandma Smith said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you, I hope it is a day of FUN and EXCITEMENT. I'm so glad for the lasagna and don't forget I have the plant Mark bought to impress you with. It is still growing and quite healthy looking. So glad you are a part of our family, it was the best decision Mark has ever made.

The Jackson Three said...

Happy Anniversary - August really is a great month!