Man Down

So apparently having two children has completely sucked any independent thought out of my brain.  I have tried numerous times to blog about something, anything, unrelated to children and I have had no luck.  
Although, I could go on and on about the lack of worthwhile television programming being aired between the hours of 1:00AM and 4:00AM.  The early, EARLY, news (on at 4:30AM) is much more laid back and fun than the regular early morning news.  
It seems many of my past entries have been sprouted from some incident that occurred outside of my home and I guess now that it is rare for me to leave my home, my well of inspiration has dried up.  I did venture to the mall one night, on my own, for an hour to take some jewelry in for inspection; I know, an evening of wild abandon.  I threw caution to the wind and took advantage of the 7 for $20 anti-bacterial hand soap sale going on at Bath and BodyWorks (jealous, aren't you).
So for now, I guess this blog will be neglected until I can gain control of my brain again!  I have hopes that it won't be long for that to happen, but as these last 4 weeks have shown me...it's not likely!

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Krista said...

Well you did manage to change your blog background (which looks darling, might I add) and that is a feat in and of itself! And I am totally with ya on the B&BW sale- I hit said sale just this week as well and scored me some yummy soaps as well!. So, even though we are both spending much more time at home than we are used to, at least our hands are clean and smell yummy!!