Living the Life

Today's run down so far:

  • 2AM first wake up call
  • 6AM second wake up call
  • 7AM permanent wake-up call
  • 7:15 one kid dressed
  • 7:20 breakfast made while babe screams
  • 7:50 attempt to calm babe by sitting outside, no luck
  • 8AM trying to feed babe while simultaneously keeping 2 year old from having nuclear meltdown over random things like no candy or dad being at work
  • 8:45AM babe finally asleep, 2 year old needs on the potty
  • 8:47AM babe wakes up
  • 9AM I get to eat breakfast
  • 9:10AM babe resumes crying, 2 year old needs to poop
  • 9:12AM I get peed on while holding screaming babe
  • 9:15AM put load of laundry in one armed due to carrying screaming babe
Can't wait for what the rest of today and tomorrow will bring, since the other adult in the house will be gone for work (or so he says...he just wants to get away from the crying!)


Krista said...

Sorry things are so nuts! (I tried to warn you about potty training with a newborn...lol you are crazy!!) Good luck! I hope things get easier for you soon. I say keep trying with the Bjorn. Rachel didn't care much for it at first, but after she got used to it she loves it now!

Melanie said...

we haven't started the training yet - she just goes in and takes everything off and hops on the toilet, too bad she can't put her own diaper back on! Most times nothing happens but now and again she will actually poop or pee. Good times.

Grandma Smith said...

Look on the bright side you are all up,fed and some of you are dressed. And you were able to blog for a minute. First rule for mothers, never break things down minute by minute it is much to depressing. Just deal in big chunks of time. Sorry Truman keeps crying, and Miss.T may just have to learn to cry in her room. I can't wait until we see her for a bit the end of the month. Then we can revolve around her for awhile. That should help her love the idea of routine again.

BreAnna said...

Oh I love you, it is so rough with a newborn, dreamy at moments but lots of crying and the height of my newborn days was when I was nursing in the bathroom stall with my dress up around my neck because I had failed to realize that I could no longer wear clothing that did not allow appropriate boob accsess. Good times.