Life 2.0

Well I can finally stop complaining about not being able to eat peanut m&m's anymore!!  I've eaten my fair share of them over the last couple of days and have plenty more at home that I can chow down on when I get there.  Life will be perfect now that they are back in my diet!
Our new little guy made it safe and sound (for any of you who read this that don't read the family blog), he is happy, healthy and enjoying life!  Miss T seems to like him so far, we will see once we are home and she realizes he is just not someone she goes to visit at the hospital, but someone who will live at her house and take up her Mommy and Daddy's attention.  I am hopeful she will be a great big sister and not have any issues with him.  She may just want to help out a bit too much!
It will be fun, interesting and a little scary to see how life changes and we adapt to two kids, but hey, if everyone else can do it, we can too, right?  Just don't expect my floors to be vacuumed if you stop by my house, not that they would have been vacuumed with one kid anyway, but you know what I mean.  We'll find our routine and then we'll get Mark to vacuum.
I figured I would take this quiet break at the hospital to go online for some random web surfing before re-entering life full time without a 24 hour nursing staff at my beck and call.  Hopefully soon I will be back to online ranting and rambling about random, nonsensical issues that have irked me or that I think should irk you, crying over LOST once February rolls around, and maybe, just maybe sharing a picture of the deck with you....when it is finally done and it passes inspection and we can actually use it before summer ends and the snow flies.
On that note, hope you enjoy the end of pregnancy rants, odes to candy I couldn't have and endless complaints of GD, pregnancy rudeness and all of that stuff.  If you haven't heard from me in a week or two, the kids have won and I will have lost touch with the outside world.  Please feel free to stop by if that does happen and try to pull me back in!! 

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Grandma Smith said...

Mark vacuuming will be a great idea. You will do great once you get home. Keep your parents busy for the next few days and just relax breaking into this mother of two thing gradually. You are amazing and are a great mother. Can't wait to read the blogs with a whole new twist.