Doctor Visit Friday

Well, another week, another appointment.
This time I was struck by complete awkwardness.  Given how close I am to the end, each visit entails a check to see how things are moving along.  Sitting upon the table, my Doctor and his nurse come in and we all begin a lovely conversation about the history of my hair and how it has changed since I first became a patient a few years ago.  His nurse commented on how she can't even remember me with long hair to which my Doctor replied, "didn't you have it in a bob-like style?"  None of us could remember, but we all continued to discuss the evolution of my hairstyles.  Not such a weird conversation in itself, but when you place it in a Doctor's office while one of the people is sitting on an exam table draped in a over sized paper towel...it becomes a little odd.
Am I impressed my Doctor is that observant? Comfortable in his line of work?  Polite to engage in small talk before a "check"?   Whatever the reason, it just struck me as funny, odd and a wee bit strange.
Not sure we'll have a next week appointment update...fingers crossed that we will but, I don't know.  I would love to be able to make it to next Saturday (10th), but if I can make it through this weekend...that is my short term goal.  So if anyone knows how to stave off labour from beginning, tips would be greatly appreciated.
And to anyone who may have to come to my house in the middle of the night to stay with T (fingers, toes, hairs and eyes crossed that that doesn't happen), I am truly sorry for the state you may find it in.  I have no desire to tidy, clean or do dishes.  We'll just make sure there is a clear path through the house so you don't trip and kill yourself. 
Until then!  We will let you know if, and when, anything happens (but please pray it doesn't happen this weekend or this coming week)!


Ming said...

Please explain why on earth you WANT the baby to stay in longer. I can't fathom those feelings right now. I've been walking ALL day including on the treadmill trying to get my body to go into labor.

Grandma Smith said...

I think it is great your Dr. notices your hair styles and that they change occasionally. (Unlike my husband who never notices or says anything about my hair) I can think of so many other ways he could relate to a patient, like, my your weight has changed, your thighs are thinner, wow a few more fat rolls and things like that. So I think that he and his office staff noticing your hair style changes is a good thing. Hope JWS stays put until your mom makes it back to help out. Keep us posted please.