For the Love of Benji

While watching one of the early morning "news" shows, Donald Trump was on talking about a myriad of topics from how awesome he is to how awesome the country would be if he were President.  Of course the conversation took to the current administration and Trump's thoughts on how Obama is doing.  Obviously, Trump is not a huge Obama supporter, but I liked how Trump said he wished Obama was doing a great job and that the country wasn't going to Hell (or something like that). 
At one point in the conversation (it wasn't really an interview since Trump never lets anyone else talk), the topic of Obama and his birth place came up.  He went off how three weeks ago he would have sworn Obama was born in the U.S., but now he has huge (or should I say "uuuge") doubts and that he has a team of people in Hawaii, right now, investigating.  What a waste of time and money.  I sat there wondering why it is such an issue.  Why does it matter if you were born in the U.S. or not?  If you are a citizen, whether through birth or naturalization, then why can't you run for President?  Arnold can be Governor of California but not run for President?  How is it any different?  If there are worries about loyalties or spying...it would be okay on a state level?  I don't get it.  Maybe because I wasn't born in this country...but it just seems a little outdated to me.  
So someone was born in Australia, they moved here when they were a year, became a citizen, graduated University, worked hard, had some great ideas for the country, but because they were born in Australia...nope, sorry.  Seems strange to me.
Maybe it's time the whole "born in the U.S." thing needs to be rethought.  Or maybe the powers that be should watch that episode of 30 Rock.  
All I have left to say is, Trump, move on.  Put your money and resources to better use...the country will thank you for it.  Oh, and please, don't run for President.  I don't think I could take the lack of h's in your debate speeches.


Krista said...

And while we're at it,(dishing out advice to the Trumpster)here is my advice.. cut the damn bird's nest off your head already! Good grief!!

Higa said...

I totally noticed his lack of 'h' in Huge. I had to re-listen to it just to make sure I heard him correctly. Maybe Meatloaf and Gary Busey will be beside him when he runs. that would be great!