Four Seasons?

It's been a little heavy around here lately, hasn't it?  Let's lighten it up!
So, it's April.  April 18th to be exact.  We're supposed to get snow tomorrow.  Awesome.  Actually I really don't have negative feelings at all about the chance of snow.  It won't make me bat an eyelash or whine for a second (there are better things to whine about - like SuperTarget not carrying French macarons anymore!!!)
Snow in April doesn't bug me because I know the high is in the 40's, the snow won't last longer than overnight, and hey, the longer it stays cool, the longer it is until the heat of summer arrives.  And we all know I am not a fan of hot summer temperatures (and by hot I mean 80).  
So here is to one more snow fall, a week of 40 and 50 degree temperatures and putting summer off just that much longer.  If I can wait until June (or July)  to pull out shorts and t-shirts...that's all right with me!
Let's raise a glass to Christmas in April! :o)

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Meg said...

I enjoyed this post but I really enjoyed your "one more try" post...I have so thought the same things many times!!