Mish Mash

Do people even read blogs anymore?  I know I do.  But it seems like people aren't blogging too much these days.  Is Facebook to blame for all of this? 
I don't think so...well, not for my lack of blogging anyway.  Over here it's mostly due to rugrats and lack of exciting activities.  Since we now seem to be snow free (fingers crossed) maybe we will get back to venturing outside and interacting with the world.
I have enjoyed looking at the stats of this blog and how the entry titled "Nightmare on Elm Street" gets the most hits from our blog!  Those horror flick fans must be so disappointed when they find out it's about DSW and not Freddy Krueger.

For posterity's sake, the Birthday was wonderful this year.  The hubster surprised me with taking the day off work and we dined at Denny's for breakfast (oh nothing like the 'burbs restaurant choices).  We spent the entire day at the zoo enjoying the 50 degree weather and watching horses "fight"...not once, but twice.  Within a matter of minutes.  Thankfully the T's are too little to know the horses weren't actually fighting.
We came home and decided to drop the kids off with friends while we went to dinner.  Sadly, we wound up at another chain, close to home, since I had a sinking feeling the wee T would not fare too well with a babysitter.  We enjoyed a meal, sans children, picked up the obligatory birthday ice cream cake, and headed to eat cake with our friends.  We pulled up, I opened the car door and was met with the screams of a certain 8 1/2 month old.  He had done alright, but spent a good chunk of the time in tears.  Good try bud.  We'll try again another time.  When we got home we quickly opened some gifts and then got the kids to bed.  It was a good day (I'd post some pictures but they are on the phones...and well I don't feel like figuring that out right now).

Now for the required audience participation part of the program...two questions this time:
1) Ladies..where do you shop for clothes? Good quality, decent prices.  I am in desperate need of new clothes and will hopefully be embarking on a mini spree in the next couple of months.  I need direction.  What are your must shop at store, must have items of clothing...tips...all things that come with restocking a "wardrobe".
2) The Anniversary approacheth and we want to take a trip without kids...where are your fave vacation spots, or places you've always wanted to go/must go before you die?  If you knew this would be your only kid free vacation for awhile would you go somewhere you've already been and loved or would you try somewhere new?


Erin said...

Happy late birthday! Hope you had a great day, and it sounds like you did! Dennys sound really good right now... Might have to try and get me some of that! :)

Building a wardrobe after kids and nursing is SO annoying. I don't have any go to stores because nothing fits me, otherwise I would share. Have fun shopping though. And a vacation spot? We are going to italy in June and I am really excited about that. It is always hard to decide where to go when you never get to go. I usually like to go places I know I like, but I am not very adventurous I guess...

p.s. I feel like I don't read blogs as much as I used to. Kind of because they are all so lame now. I'm not a big facebooker either, I just miss the "real" fun to read blogs. They are all design and craft blogs now. Boring! I liked it when people used to post funny stories and dirty laundry! haha

Krista said...

I buy pretty much all of mine, as well as my kids clothes from these stores: Target, Kohl's, Old Navy, and Maurices. We aren't big on taking vacations, but if I was going to go somewhere it would be on a cruise to anywhere warm. I am a lazy vacationer though, and would much rather spend the entire time sitting by the pool/beach with a drink and a book. I am not much into sightseeing, I am just happy to do nothing, so I'm not sure if my suggestions are much help to you. I remember trying to get you to relax by the pool in Vegas and it was obvious that it wasn't your idea of a good time.:) lol Good luck with everything, and lucky you for getting to buy a new wardrobe!

Ming said...

I would go to Hong Kong or on a Caribbean cruise. Those are my top two right now. We are looking to do one of those for our 10 year anniversary next year.

Grandma Smith said...

I read blogs all of the time and love them. Facebook is great for the little things but a blog is personal, insightful, and interesting. Especially yours so keep them coming. As for the input on vacations? Go someplace you have never been and don't forget I get to watch the kidlets. As for shopping you are the queen of great fashion taste and always look classy no matter what you are wearing. Hit the old standards, Koles, Macys, and of course DSW. Have fun but do it! Make Mark watch those kids and make a day of it.

Higa said...

I don't shop. I have been wearing the same clothes since highschool. Trust me, it's not good because I'm about 3 sizes bigger than I was in high school.
Vacation: tough choice... do you go further away destinations because you have no kids? Dave and I are going to Japan in the Spring to visit family - we plan on taking Nori with us. We then plan to go to New Zealand without Nori. Further away less stress and cheaper. :) I absolutely LOVED Barbados. It looks exactly like the pictures. St. Kitts and Nevis was gorgeous too! really though, does it matter where you go, you'll be with someone you love... okay I just threw up a little in my mouth. :) haha