TP or not TP

So I usually buy the Target brand of toilet paper, because it's the cheapest for how much you get, but the last time I bought tp I went with a name brand because it was on sale.  I have come to discover that the Target brand is way better.  The name brand feels like one ply construction paper compared to Target's brand.  Who would have thought??  
I think I will stick to buying Target tp...why mess with it if it's good?  One thing for sure, next time I will not be buying (nor will I ever buy) Charmin.  I'm sorry Charmin, but your marketing has got to change.  Does anyone want to watch animated bears going to the bathroom, have tp stuck to their bum or wiggle around the woods because they have to go??? I don't, and I won't ever buy your toilet paper, solely based on the fact that your commercials creep me out.


Erin said...

Maybe I'll have to look into the Target brand! Thanks for the heads up. Oh and Charmin isn't really that great even after trying it!

Ming said...

I disagree whole heartedly! Stupid commercials or not (lets be honest very FEW commercials are good) their product is far superior to anything else. I'm a thick and soft ply kinda girl and Charmin is the best there is.

Just sayin' :)