Checking in on the Fall Season

So now that Fall is well underway (thank you cooler weather!), here's my initial thoughts on the shows I said I was going to try out this year:

Chuck - think this one will stay on the DVR. Three episodes in and it is pretty entertaining.

Reaper - funny! Two episodes in and it is good! Some very laugh out loud moments - staying on the DVR; man who knew the Devil could be THAT hilarious!?

Aliens in America - cute, funny, reminds me of The Wonder Years a little bit, I will check it out again.

Bionic Woman - only caught part of the first episode, have another episode on the DVR have not yet watched it...hoping to though!

Journeyman - on the DVR, haven't watched it yet - have 2, maybe 3 episodes on DVR, need to watch it this weekend or I might just have to cancel it without watching. Anyone checked this show out? Any thoughts?

Pushing Daises - SO much fun! I loved the pilot episode. It reminded me of a certain movie, but I am having severe brain freeze and can not think of it! It has a Big Fish / Tim Burton- esque quality to it. I am definitely keeping this one on the DVR.

SVU - returning show, awesome! Yet to disappoint. Melissa Joan Heart as a nutjob should be fun to watch!

Earl - funny as always - who knew so much could happen while you're in jail??

Office - funny, but seriously get rid of Michael, he has to be the least funniest person on there

ANTM - same old crazy Tyra, and same old crazier girls thinking they can become some huge supermodel

30 Rock - LOVE it!! Can't wait for Will Arnett's return this week

Ugly Betty - crazy antics as always, never disappoints

I will admit that I am not watching Dancing with the Stars this season. I watched the 1st 2 weeks, and I just can not get into it? Who are half of the guy contestants anyway? And why is Wayne Newton still on the show? I mean I love Cheryl, but come on, he is horrible.
The best news about Fall TV though - well, if you can call February Fall TV - LOST is back on the air on February 6th!! I totally need to re-watch season 3. Let the countdown begin!!

What are your TV opinions so far? Anything surprise you? disappoint you? Shows you can't live without now? shows you wish were never made? And for those of you who took my 30 Rock challenge - what are the results?


Steven and Erin said...

I'm so jealous of your DVR!!! But that is why I love netflix. I can watch shows from the beginning that I never had the chance to watch. Oh and regarding the 30 Rock challenge; so far I'm pleased!

jared said...

You have officially watched more pilots this season than I have watched TV shows in the last 3 years. Of course, this is coming from a guy that was watched no less than 40 NASCAR races, 25 football games, and a handful of baseball this year.

My DVR (as opposed to Mary and Abbie's DVR) records The Unit, 24, and... is there anything else worth watching? I did catch Chuck and was mildly entertained. And I'll watch Lost this season, assuming it sucks less than last season.

Melissa said...

You don't like Michael? Hate to break it to you but they aren't getting rid of him. I love how they changed Kelly's character though (2 seasons ago) she is SO funny.
30 rock rocked! But I was already a fan...

Krista said...
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Krista said...

When is Pushing Daisies on? What network?

Melanie said...

Krista, it is on Wednesdays on ABC. It's 7:00 here, but not sure for Utah.

Anonymous said...

So we are enjoying the usual smut..Grays Anatomy,and Desperate Housewives. I think that every season they become a little more raunchy, but for some reason I just can't stop watching them. We also watched Pushing Daisies, which we loved, Dirty, Sexy, Money, which was about as good as the title suggests, and Cave men and Carpoolers, neither of which I think have much chance. I am looking forward to Samantha who, it may be funny, and I also want to see what Men in Trees will be like this season. I am a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars, and am enjoying Helio Castroneves, whoever he is. I also can't wait for Lost! Hopefully the holiday season will help speed up the days till February!