I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight...

OK, so it's not happening tonight, but Phil it is coming soon!
Yes it is that time of year again....Fall TV season is almost upon us! While some shows may have already started, the real treasure is still to come.
I have noticed that there are not nearly as many new shows this year that I am interested in checking out. Is that because I could care less, or is it because of that pesky writer's strike we had to middle through? I am betting it's a little of both, but I thought I would get the excitement started anyway!
I am a little interested in checking Fringe out - the new JJ Abrams show on Fox. Less for the actual show itself, more for Joshua Jackson. I don't expect I will continue watching it (seeing as I missed the premiere, but shockingly (!) Fox is reshowing it tomorrow) but I thought I would give it a try.
It's not a new show this season, but it will be new to me. Might not be one I DVR, but if there is nothing up against it, I may add House to my addiction. I have been watching it over the summer and USA had this 2 day marathon on...not a bad show, although I do cover my eyes for some of the "medical" scenes.
The only other show I am going to give a try to is Kath & Kim. For two reasons: 1) it's smack dab in the middle of Thursday night TV, and 2) John Michael Higgins - love him!
Other than that, it's the old standbys:
ANTM (always lame, but it's like that car wreck you just can't look away from)
SNL (at least 15 minutes of it to see if it won't be lame)
DWTS (if it's as lame as last season, it's the first to go!)
L&O: SVU (holy guests stars Batman!! Luke Perry!!)
Ugly Betty
My Name is Earl (it better be better than last season or it will be the 2nd to go!)
The Office (I just still really wish they would get rid of Steve Carell - I know I am going to be murdered for my opinion, but I don't care)
TAR (Browsie's back!!!)
Pushing Daisies
Eli Stone
30 Rock (still THE best comedy on TV)
Hopefully the CW gets Reaper on the air soon, that show is hilarious! Especially Ray Wise as the devil - the only person on TV who can make Mark wet his pants laughing!
Of course this list is missing something and I am sure you all know what it is, but the real TV season doesn't get underway for me until January 2009...yes LOST. I hate the wait, but it is definitely worth it. Last season was incredible and I can't even begin to think about what this season will be like. I just hope Desmond is still going to be around.
Thankfully a few shows ended or got cancelled last season and lightened up the DVR load. As time goes on I sure love that DVR more and more, especially when I have to get up at 4:00AM and there is nothing but paid programming on (granted that doesn't seem to happen very often anymore, but when it does, my DVR will never fail me!).
So what shows are you looking forward to this season? Anything you're scratching off your list?


Erin said...

We'll watch The Office, and I kind of agree with you about Steve Carrell, but it really wouldn't be the show it is today or be the same without him.

But honestly what I can't wait for either is January! I am finally all caught up on LOST. And I am so excited to start the next season. I am just so glad for abc putting all the episodes online or else I would trying to squeeze a whole season (or really a half, dumb strike) into a couple weeks in December. But yay for LOST!

Kyndra said...

Last year at this time I suggested the same show to you: Grey's Anatomy. I've been in withdrawals all summer long.

I'm so excited to have Pushing Daisies back.

Jared said...

I haven't even heard of half the shows on your list. I watch The Unit, The Office, and sometimes Lost when it's not a sucky season. Oh, and pretty much every NASCAR race.