All Bottled Up

I discovered this weekend a pet peeve that maddens me to no end.
Why does every type of pump bottle...hand soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc., never EVER let you use every drop in it? And why is it always so much more than a drop? Sometimes it seems like it's a quarter of the bottle that's left! You would think that they'd make the straw inside a little bit longer so I can actually use all of the soap I paid for! But no, I end up throwing it away and buying a new bottle... what a waste.

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Dawnell said...

Oh so annoying. Do you ever unscrew it hoping you can scrape the straw around the sides then wipe the straw on your hands to use up more of it? I don't know why I always try that since the straw goes even less of the way down when not screwed in all the way. A screw job all around.