My Two Cents

Google Reader.
Do you use it? I do and I am having mixed feelings about it. While it makes blog surfing extraordinarily easy, it makes me feel lazy. I used to leave comments most of the time I visited friends blogs, now...it's rare. All thanks to Google Reader. Is it really that hard to click and be taken to the actual blog so that I can leave a comment? No. Do I? Not usually. While it surely makes it handy for checking blogs, I no longer have to devote more than a minute or so to see what's new as opposed to clicking through every public blog I read. I know the sole purpose of blogging is not to have comments left, but as a blogger, don't you like getting comments? I know I do. It's not the only reason I blog, but I think there is a part of everyone who posts that wants to see comments, no matter what their blog topic is for that day.
So tell me, does Google Reader make it easier or harder for you to comment? Do you only comment when it's a really important blog, earth shattering news or whenever it strikes your fancy? What is the proper blog comment etiquette, do we have to leave a comment at every post we read to let that person know we were there?
I should definitely comment more... so to those whose blogs I read, I do read them I promise, and I will try and be better about leaving comments, even if you don't want me to!!


Ming said...

I don think Reader may discourage me a bit from leaving comments, but before Reader I RARELY checked anyone's blogs. It took too long and I didn't have the patience for it. Reader is the ONLY way to go for me. I still leave a comment if something strikes me to say, or if they are someone who often leaves comments on my blog. Tit for tat.

Krista said...

I have never even heard of such a thing. Does this mean I am retarded? I usually just check everyone's blogs pretty much every day for updates, you mean there is an easier way? Ack! What is my problem? How do I use Google reader? Is it like a program you download? I am going to Google it right now.

Catherine said...

I LOVE google reader. It does turn me into a comment slacker, but it is perfect for unpredictable bloggers like me who blog for consistently a few months and then go on a break for a while. Speaking of a while, I haven't seen you in a long while. We need to hang out! I'm out of town until next week, so let's plan something when I'm back!

Erin said...

reader TOTALLY keeps me from commenting!! :)