Problems and Solutions

One loaf down....many more to go!! The bread actually turned out. I don't think it was the world's best bread but it wasn't as hard as a puck so I will chalk that up as a success! Not sure I would make the same kind again, but you have to start somewhere. Today I am contemplating making challah bread. It's so good. The only restaurant on Roosevelt Island served challah bread french toast, YUM! I don't know how it would be coming out of a bread machine, but it might be worth the effort. I realize making bread in a bread machine is like painting a picture using paint by numbers, but it's okay by me. Why continually fail at a task if there is something to help you succeed? It's a win win situation!
My only dilemma now is how do I store the bread to keep it from turning into hockey pucks? Ziploc bags? Are there Tupperware-esque containers specifically made to store homemade bread? We don't eat it fast enough to just wrap it up in a dish towel or something. Maybe some of you Marthas out there can help me out with this quandary.
My other quandary is finding someone to come on a vacation with me!! Girls only! Anyone interested in a few days somewhere a little warmer than the northern states/Canada? 4 days on a beach, relaxing, pools, food a-plenty, good books, good friends......let me know! I'm thinking February or March maybe?


Emma said...

I bake most of my bread for sandwiches, so we've run into the storage issue as well. Here are a few thoughts. First, don't bag it until it's COMPLETELY cool. It will get all spongy and weird. Never store it in the fridge (same reasoning). It does freeze well. So, usually I make two loaves at a time, bag them in bread bags when cool, and then freeze one immediately. It will go stale slower if you don't preslice the whole thing ahead of time, but at the end of the day, homemade bread does stale faster than store bought. Less preservatives, I guess. I feel like if I bake Monday night, the loaf tastes very good Tuesday and Wednesday, eh Thursday, and may start molding as early as Friday (although often later depending on humidity, temperature, etc). If you wanted to get really creative, you could cut the loaves in half and freeze all but 1/2, which you might be able to eat quickly enough that you wouldn't end up tossing much. Whew, sorry for such a long comment!

Erin said...

I'll totally go on a girl's vacation in February or March. Does that invitation include SILs?

Grandma Smith said...

Ok I know that SLC is not really alot warmer and it is still pretty up north but Michael B. the end of March is pretty appealing, I think we could hook you up with the whole sauna thing and maybe for a minute it would feel like the beach. Maybe??

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea... come to Florida. We could hang out on the beach, enjoy the warmth, and I could actually afford it!