All the News That's Fit

  • Ok, so he won. No, not him, him.
  • The cops in MN are looking for a kid and his Mom who fled the state to avoid having chemo. The kid doesn't want it, he's 13, his parents agree. Why is the state so bent on bringing him back? He's old enough to understand that without chemo he will probably die, but he wants to try some other alternative methods. He's 13, not 3, he knows the risks. If it was all his parents idea then yes, step in, but come on, aren't there more serious things happening that require police time and effort?
  • TV channels are introducing their fall line ups. Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies get cancelled, but NBC made another season of I'm a Celeb, Get Me Out of Here? AND cancelled Medium?? Tragedy. Luckily CBS picked Medium up.
  • It was 97 degrees here the other day...I hate the heat.
  • LOST was AWSOME. Now I have to wait until January or February to find out what happened AND it'll be the last season. I am stocking up on anti-depressants and kleenex now.
  • Facebook is lame. Can anyone explain to me it's purpose/relevance? And while you're at it, explain to me why I keep logging on and checking my profile?
  • SYTYCD starts tonight...wooot wooot! I should be on that show.
  • How does anyone know how to go about obtaining a surface-to-air missile?? I wouldn't know the first person to talk to about that, maybe it's just me.

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