The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oh Mondays, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. This Monday the hate is definitely winning, with no chance of the love pulling off a win in the 9th. Sorry for the baseball lingo...trying to gear up for the road trip of a lifetime (insert sarcasm anywhere in the last part of that sentence, sorry Mark! I still love you).
So here's the rundown of the score so far:
  • Bad - 11 month old not wanting to sleep very early this morning and later this morning
  • Bad - 11 month old crying at every thing today
  • Good - wanted to binge on every item of chocolate in sight at Target but resisted
  • Bad? Good? - spending more time at Target now than when I was employed there (bad for the bank account good for my sanity)
  • Good - had some french toast this morning
  • Bad - ate it while a certain someone wailed because she wasn't getting her watermelon fast enough
  • Ugly - ate Kraft Dinner for lunch...shudder
  • Bad - have to take car in for oil change tomorrow...how will I entertain the kid for 30-40 minutes???
  • Bad - realized that TAR is over for another season, how I will miss you Browsie
  • Bad - I have to pack again tomorrow
  • Good - T has yet to yank the clip out of her hair, I think that is a record!
  • Bad - today reminded me that summer is coming and I hate the heat
  • Ugly - apparently ants have decided to take over my kitchen sink and will not go away. I don't have a clue where they are coming from and they seem to just keep coming back
  • Ugly - we have hard water (which we knew) but now our new dishwasher has decided to leave this white, crappy, powdery, residue all over our dishes (that it never left before) and it will not go away either!! So now I have to find citric acid to try to remedy this mineral deposit problem - or buy a water softener ($$!)
  • Bad - I'm pretty sure I'll be able to add a few more bads to the list before 5PM


Meg said...

Oh my...I'm so there with you on one of these days... I HATE today..you name it and it's gone bad.....At least you have a fun filled road trip ahead of ya...

Kara said...

Where are you going on a road trip to? I hope your day goes better!!

Krista said...

Sorry about the case of the Mondays...I do have some solutions for you but kind of got the impression it was more of a vent for you than looking for advice. Let me know if you are in the mood for some suggestions. Things will get better! If it make you feel any better, I have had a rotten past few days as well. Misery does love company.