Ahhhh, thank you!

For some reason I was thinking about what modern day amenities I could just not live without, so here is my list:
Air conditioning. I think I would seriously die from heat if it was not for central air.
Washing machines. I would walk around the dirtiest, stinkiest person if it weren't for washing machines. Hand washing clothes is not something that happens very often here.
Running water/toilet paper. These two go hand in hand and really need no explanation.
Paper towels. The paper towel companies must be in business solely because of how many rolls we go through, it is unbelievable.
Slurpees. I had a slurp this last week for the first time in I don't know...oh it was a grape, lime, orange, watermelon, 7-up slice of brain freeze heaven.
Shoes. I could never be a barefoot kind of gal....never.
DVRs. How on earth did we ever live without these wonderful time saving inventions?
The Internet. Do you remember having to go to the library to research your papers and pull out the encyclopedia? Do kids these days even know what an encyclopedia is?
Watermelon. Not really a modern day amenity, but so missed during the winter months.
Contacts. So happy to be able to wear these. Nothing wrong with a funky pair of glasses, I love mine, but contacts just make the day better.
Volume control on kids toys. Why wasn't this thought of earlier and why didn't I think of it?
Dishwashers. Now if I could just find someone to load and unload mine, we'll be in business.
I know there are a million more things out there that makes my life a billion times easier and more efficient, but that's what I've got today!
Now...how can I get 7-11 to deliver me a slurpee??

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