Be Careful What You Wish For...or Ask For

In a seemingly neverending blog-drought, I put out a request for blog topics. While I only did this a short time before writing this blog, I got an idea I couldn't pass up. Okay, so it's probably not exactly what the suggester had in mind, but it's my blog, my idea!!
This is for my niece Janna. I wish I had all of my pictures scanned into my computer because I would have some great pictures of her! But alas, I only have some from the last few years.
I was 13 when Janna was born, she makes me feel old daily as she is now a University student; I used to babysit her!! Now I think she might actually be a little bit taller than I am.
She wants to be an anthropologist and loves all things Egypt (well she did last time I saw her, maybe it's changed now). She loves Chancers (our old Chocolate Lab that my parents adopted when we moved to NYC). She has been a vegetarian of sorts for most of her life. One of the funniest things I remember about her was one Sunday night, everyone was over for dinner, we were having some sort of beef product that Janna didn't want to eat. This was at the very beginning of her no meat days so she was around 10. I asked her if she would just take one bite and if she didn't like it, she didn't have to eat it. She screwed up her face, looked right at me and said, "Auntie Mel, how would you like it if I cut out your eyeball and ate it??" Oh, it still makes me laugh today. I don't get to see her a lot anymore since I have moved away from home, but every now and again she will type me a hello on Facebook..she used to think I was cool once upon a time. She wanted this blog to be about how she is the awesomest niece ever, and she would be...if she were my only niece! But she is the most awesome 18 (almost 19) year old nice I have. Although, once she sees this and the pictures that follow, she'll probably hate me (just be glad I don't have your baby pictures on here!!).
Many moons ago, one Christmas Eve (she's the tallest one).
Being a sullen faced teenager.
She has the cutest, best smile of anyone I know!
Showing off her moves in the dance recital.
Growing up so fast!!
Being silly...she is the best silly girl ever!
Reading to her cousin...T sure loves Janna! She can't wait to see her at Christmas time!
Janna, you know I love you and you are awesome!! You'll always be my favourite, awesomest, oldest niece I have! And don't worry, I won't tell Auntie Lisa that I am your favourite Aunt!
You better be home a lot when we come up for Christmas Janna Banana! None of this hanging out with your boyfriend instead! Love you!!


Trisha Martin said...

So I think your next post needs to be on your favorite sister-in-law..hint, hint:) Just kidding! I won't tell anyone that I'm really your favorite!

Grandma Smith said...

Great idea whenever you have a blog blank you can just pick someone you have pictures of and blog away. You just have to be nice about it. A very nice tribute to your Janna Banana.