Falling Off the Wagon...And I Can't Get Up

So last year I decided to begin my get healthier kick about this time of year...well I think it was a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Crazy time to start, right? I don't know what it is about this time of year, but here it is almost November and I am starting to think about it again. I've done pretty well this year. Like anything else in my life, I kind of go through cycles. I do really well at it for weeks at a time, and then not so well for weeks at a time. Usually the not-so-hot periods last longer than the stick-to-it periods. I've decided to torture myself again, but with a bit of a Halloween reprieve. I don't usually go all crazy and rule out all sweets, sugar, junk etc., but I do try to limit them and amp up the exercise. Which for me means more about setting aside time to exercise, not just running around after T (which can take up most of the day some times!), and not so much limiting the junk. However if I know it's Thanksgiving and there will be pies and treats, then I'll make sure the day before I eat well and so on and so forth. Now we're not going for marathon results here or Biggest Loser poundage (although I really think if they'd let me on the show and stay for a week, maybe 2, I could reach my goal and they could kick me off), but small steps...sometimes they're the hardest!
The hardest thing might be getting Mark to jump on board with me. This coming month is pretty busy work wise for him, and he's going to be travelling almost 2 weeks out of the month and that's no good for trying to eat healthy, or exercising, right? We'll see. If I only give him broccoli and steamed chicken to eat at home, maybe we can offset the trips to Carl's Jr., Denny's and the sort, while he travels.
Anyway, I've never been very good at dieting, I don't have a strong willpower about it and when it comes right down to it, I'm pretty lazy, but we'll give it a shot. I think the most weight I've ever lost was during my third trimester, go figure!
I guess this means I need to cram all the junk down my gullet this weekend before I hit the grocery store for all things defined healthy. Any one have any great snack ideas for me? Ones that let you have a good quantity as well as taste? More so, ones that actually fill you up?
We'll see how this goes, exercising might be the trickiest thing to work in to the schedule when you have a husband who travels, works late and a 17 month old (and a gym membership to a place without childcare). Maybe I can force myself back on the treadmill downstairs and work off season two of Lost. I made it through season 1 last time I was on a positive roll...I just have to get back on the wagon. Keep your fingers crossed.


laurel said...

I'm going through this right now. Finding time to exercise is hard (and I have those same limitations - although I do have a childcare in the gym but it's an extra cost so I can't use it tons.) Do you have an iPhone? If so there's a great app that helps me along called Lose It! As for food ideas, I've been eating lots of baked potatoes for some reason, spinach salads with almonds and apple slices, lots of apples all the time actually, homemade bean soups, omelettes. But I haven't cut out sweets - impossible - but I do try not to eat any treats after dinner. That's the killer for me during my tv watching hours :)

Nachelle said...

You are a brave soul for doing this all before the holidays...I kinda like being prego during this time, eat without guilt :) Good luck!