Irk and Bernie

Bernie Madoff. I am sure we're all familiar with him and what he did. And yes, it sucks for those who lost their money to him, big time - especially for those who invested a LOT of money with him. Now he is in prison. For 150 years. Yes, 150 years. Think of all that time he'll have to think about the wrongs he's committed and the lives he ruined, or destroyed. He'll be able to read, relax, work, make friends, play basketball, knit, paint...anything he wants, it' not like he'll have a shortage of time.
Oh wait. He will have a shortage of time because he's going to DIE in prison, unless he has some sort of longevity secret he has been keeping to himself. Maybe he'll be the first person in modern time to live to be over 200 years old!! Right now, as he sits in his cell he maniacally laughs under his breath at how he has out smarted the system again! "Fools all of you!! I will be out long after everyone has forgotten about me and I will do it all again! 150 years and death will not stop me!!"
Here's my issue. Madoff gets 150 years for stealing people's money, yet sentences for murder, rape, and child abuse are handed out for less than 10 percent of Bernie's sentence. Plea deals are made, convicts are let out for good behaviour...you can't tell me you would rather have a convicted murderer roaming your streets over a guy who stole money from people? Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 life sentences (roughly 936 years) and David Burkowitz was sentenced to 365 years. Those I can understand given the number of people they killed and the ways in which they were killed. You don't want those guys roaming around your street. But Bernie Madoff, really? Would Mothers run, screaming, to gather their children from the park if Bernie was coming? Would baseball games be called because Bernie was in the stands? Highly doubtful. Give the guy his sentence, he broke the law. Make an example out of him to try to keep would be thieves at bay (not likely), but let's be realistic here, there has got to be some sort of balance on the scales of justice; 150 years for stealing money and 12 years for murder....seems a little unbalanced to me.

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Alisha and Dave said...

murder happens every day. Children are abused every day. Sadly people are more affected by money than other people. Money runs people's lives and people are greedy.
It is disgusting the way the system treats abused women, children and men. I see it every day. It is unbalanced.
Sometimes all I can say when I child is raped or murdered is that they are going to hell. I figure what is not dealt with here will be dealt with on another level in another lifetime.