Moments of Genius

I'll never be a person with ideas that come to fulfillment and make a million dollars or save the world or anything like that, but every now and again I get these ideas that I just feel would be a waste if I didn't at least try to make them come to fruition.
My first idea that has yet to happen, and looks like it won't again this season, is for Wade Robson to choreograph a dance to Pink Elephants on Parade. Every time I see a dance by him, or even just a picture of him the song goes through my head. It's like his theme song, but he has no idea. So maybe a write in campaign??
My second idea that I have had since this last season of American Idol, and bangs around my head every time the song plays while I run, is that Adam Lambert NEEDS to do a version of The Darkness' I Believe In A Thing Called Love. For those of you who haven't heard the song, here. skip about a minute into it when the song starts. Now picture Adam Lambert singing. Doesn't it make total sense?? I'm thinking with all those Glambert fans out there we can make this one happen. I really wanted him to sing it on idol, it would have been awesome and completely suited his scream-y, stick my tongue out, thing he does when he hits the crazy notes.
Just my two cents. Let's make this happen!!

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Krista said...

LOL-Glambert- I love that...haven't heard that term before. Who is Wade Robson? I've never heard of him. Is he famous?