Customer Loyalty

After being inundated with another ridiculously, stupid Charmin commercial, I realized that Charmin is one brand I have never, and will never, buy solely because their advertising bugs me to no end. Do people really have that much trouble wiping, having toilet paper stuck to their behinds and having to use half a roll each time? If the latter is something you struggle with, a trip to the Doctor might be in order, not a different brand of TP.
Other than Charmin, I also boycott Philips and AT&T. Those boycotts are based on horrific customer service, or I guess I should say the lack of customer service. I just figure if you're not willing to help me out when my problem is something YOU did...you don't need my money. I will never own an iphone only because AT&T is the sole carrier for the device. And since early 2004 I have not purchased anything with the name Philips on it. I also don't make a habit of going into American Apparel stores. I've never worn there clothes or actually stepped into a store, but I really don't care for the owner of the company from articles and interviews I have read about him. I think his keeping jobs local, paying decent wages and having a proper work environment is commendable, but I am not a fan of some of his other thoughts and actions!
I realize that to companies as large as these are, my wee boycott doesn't have a large impact on them, but the companies to whose products I switched probably enjoy it!!
So, are there any products or companies you avoid because of past experiences, ridiculous commercials, inappropriate advertising or some other reason? Or is it just me?


Catherine said...

I'm thinking that the title "customer loyalty" doesn't quite work here...I would suggest unloyalty, but I'm pretty sure that's not a word. Are there any brands that you are loyal to Mel?

Shanna said...

Best Buy. I freakin hate Best Buy. Had a terrible experience with their computer repair dept. Let's just say after several hours dealing with them in the store, I ended up fixing the problem myself with the help of only Mr. Google. Argh.

Mindi said...

I, too, will not have an iPhone as long as AT&T is the only company that provides service. Sprint is not much better. Won't go back there either.

I used to go where the bargains were... regardless. But things have changed. Now, I will gladly pay more and shop at Nordstrom or Bed Bath & Beyond, just because I know that if I EVER have an issue, they will provide great service with no questions asked.

I don't ever watch advertisements anymore. Thank you DVR, for saving me the pain of annoying commercials. We rarely watch live TV anymore.

Alisha and Dave said...

Herbal Essence. Why do you have to have an orgasmic experience when you use their product? Disgusting. But their stuff smells so good!
I typically will not go back to a store that has poor customer service. Sadly, superstore is super cheap but their service is rubbish.
If I have a problem with my cell phone service provider, I talk to customer retention... they can do a lot more for you (as far as deals go) than the regular customer service people. It's nice.
I hate most radio station adds because some of them are too sexual in nature. which leads me to rant about certain songs they decide to play on the radio I want to start a petition to boycott them because of their strong sexual nature... namely Lady Gaga Disco Stick song and Britney Spears If You Seek Amy. The worst part about Britney Spears is that women are the main listeners. Sad.