To Say or Not To Say

If you have an opinion on something, do you always share it? Is it sometimes better to keep your mouth shut, even if you feel really strongly about something? Should you always stand up for what you think, or is letting sleeping dogs lie sometimes the better road to take?
If your opinion is different than the majority should you always voice it to try to show the other side of the story, or is there a time when being silent is the best decision?


Mary said...

That would depend on my mood and the company I have. There are definitely certain people I just keep my mouth shut around.

Krista said...

Ok- I give. What is it you are trying so hard to keep quiet about? I agree- depends on the company.

Alisha and Dave said...

I think it depends on noton the company per say but on the subject. Some things are more dear to my heart than say... hollywood or television. If someone has offended me, then my opinion comes out. I advocate for people all the time and if someone disagrees with my statement I make it clear as to why I want them to see my views and how it is better. :) Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is why the other person has voiced theirs