Monday's Musings

Does anyone watch Entertainment Tonight? Or any of the celeb trash shows?
If you do watch these shows, do you admit it to people? I used to watch ET back in the day, maybe 15 years ago (ugh), but the only time I see it now is when I am changing the channel to catch my daily Wheel of Fortune fix.
I think John Tesh had the good sense to jump ship, yet somehow the show just keeps rolling ahead. Is it really any better than the tabloid magazines, Perez Hilton or TMZ? From the glimpse I got of last Friday's show, and the blatant exploitation of Michael Jackson's death, I would vote no. When did we get so obsessed with celebrity that obviously made up claims, assumptions and accusations overshadow the real news stories of the world. I admit, I like me some celebrity gossip, but when it strays over the line into inappropriateness or bad taste, I shut it down. When David Carridine died, I couldn't believe the "stories" these shows put together on the situation. Does the public really need to know the sordid details. These people have families, let them grieve without public scrutiny and prying eyes.
Obviously people are watching and reading otherwise, ET, Access Hollywood and all of the others would fade away nicely. I confess that I used to read Perez Hilton's website, but I gave it up because it seemed to be one of the best examples of hypocrisy I could give. Now, after his altercation in Toronto with wil.i.am...I guarantee you I will never type his website address again.
Anyway, just my rant for today. Nothing mind busting or important, just my two cents.

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