Music Makes the World Go Round

As I embarked on my (hopefully) daily exercise regime today, I noticed something. I'm not sure what this say about me, but I found it interesting.
Since I have been exercising in the basement, I no longer have a TV to keep me entertained, and I have found it difficult to read while I run (yes run, sometimes interspersed with walking, well walking interspersed with running actually), so I have confiscated the iPod from Mark to help the time pass as I slowly die in the basement. Yesterday after the "run" I realized that when I choose shuffle it becomes more like fast forward due to the fact that 80% of the music on the iPod is either Mark's or T's, so I decided to make a playlist of my tunes so I didn't have to fast forward so much. Well, it turns out that even with a playlist of just my songs, I still fast forward as much (musical ADD), but I did listen to 4 songs fully. Want to know what they were? Ice Ice Baby, Blue Monday '88, Come On Over, and (And That's The) Way It Is. During my cool down walk Dirrty came on, so of course I had to speed up for that, and when I was seconds from being finished I had to run again because I Believe In A Thing Called Love came on and who can cool down walk to that!? Not I sir.
I am glad that I am in the basement and not at the gym because I fully believe I look like a dork as I sweat, rocking out, dancewalking, to Kylie Minogue's Love At First Sight, with my wrist weights on (who knew wrists could sweat by the way??), but there's no mirror in my basement, so dancewalk I will!!
I've stropped with my little weekly check ins...they didn't seem to do too much for me other than serve as I reminder of what I hadn't done, but since I have started exercising at home, I think I am doing better. Last week I exercised four days, in addition to park play and walks. This week I have the goal of 5 days...2 down, 3 to go. Of course, then T and I leave for 2 weeks so I am sure it will all go to pot while we're gone, but we'll just focus on the present for the time being. Now if only I hadn't bought those chocolate covered pomegranate things from Costco. They're not as good as I had hoped they would be, but they're still good. Must refrain.


Ming said...

Mmm I love those chocolate covered pomegranate things from Costco. So far I've refrained from buying a bag, but I love when they are giving samples out. I pass by that station more than once.

Happy dance-walking!

Nachelle said...

Nice job, I bet that helps a ton to work out at home, and I hear ya on the dance/walk/run, sometimes at the gym I really wished I was the only one there so I could really have fun :)