Missed Opportunities

So snapfish has a great deal on right now...well only until the end of today (the 10th). 50 prints for 50 pennies. Awesome! I needed to print out some pictures for my grandma anyway, might as well take advantage of the deal, right?
I upload my pictures, place my order and think to myself, "Even with shipping that was cheaper than going to the photo place! Way to go self!!"
Then tonight as I am talking to my Mom and was going to mention the deal to her, I realized I paid a lot more than 50 cents plus shipping. Perhaps I missed the deal and it ended yesterday (until the 10th). To make myself feel better I went to the website, and sure enough there was the deal all big and bright right in my face. So why didn't I get the deal price??
Oh...I forgot to type in the coupon code at checkout. Idiot.
So, if any of you need photos printed and see this before midnight (in your timezone), check it out!! Just don't forget to type in the promo code or you'll be joining me at, what my friend used to call the table in math class for kids who needed some help, the idiot table.

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Mary said...

I just checked out snapfish, and they extended the deal until the 13th of July! Thanks for the heads up, sorry about your sad experience!!!!