The Girl Effect

It's probably a bad thing when you get sick of seeing your own blogs, isn't it? It must mean others get even more sick of previous posts! I need to step up and get this blog rolling again.
It's not for lack of trying, I would really love to share my many opinions with all of you, but I think the main topics of interest currently on the news are either ridiculously bloated in the coverage they are receiving, not worthy of being one of the top stories or not even being talked about because the world here doesn't seem to care for one reason or another.
When celebrity family problems became the night's breaking news is news to me, but surely there are other stories out there that should be shared. Isn't that what TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and all those types shows, are for? Someone has to keep Mario Lopez employed.
Has anyone heard of the GirlEffect.org? I am not a usual Oprah watcher, but one day I decided to watch. I saw the video and listened to the issues they were talking about and was astounded.
From women dying in child birth, to women being raped and left for dead, treated as social outcasts, children sold into sex slavery to young girls being offered to men with AIDS due to their belief that sleeping with a virgin will cure the disease.
Do we really care if Tiger Woods had sex with other women? Isn't that a personal family matter?Why aren't these other issues, worlds away from us, being brought into view? Because they aren't salacious, they make us feel bad, guilty, sad...for the things we could be doing to help. It's amazing to think that in this world there are children who can not go to school because of their gender, families without enough money having to sell their children, communities that still hold such archaic beliefs about women, rape, AIDS....
I know this is far from uplifting, but its just been something on my mind lately. I haven't experienced discrimination in one form or another (that I am aware of) but this really hit home for me, it made me really see what's out there and it has left me truly perplexed.
Sorry for the downer of a topic but sometimes that's just what needs to be said. Check out this link and the video above, it's interesting and educational.


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