Who Are You?

What is the deal with all of the anonymous comments lately? They're not even from random people commenting on my rants, raves or ramblings. They're from crazy, unknown people trying to direct people to scary, cyber sites where who knows wait awaits them, or some other devious scheme.
Never mind the excitement it brings to see that someone has left a comment only to have the bubble burst to see it's just a cyber crazy. Oh well, I guess it's just part of this blogging world, isn't it? Even our blogs get junk mail. So now on top of the thousands of credit card applications, airline reward program applications, insurance companies trying to get me to switch...I now have blog junk mail. I'm thinking I'm going to strike it rich due to my vast Nigerian connections.


Anonymous said...
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Alisha and Dave said...

I had a random person rant in Chinese or something. That was funny. I got excited when I had a comment and then not fun when I realized it was not english... sigh. :)