Days Gone By

So I have a little blogging to make up for since we have been out of service for awhile... and since pretty much most of the unpacking is done, I figured let's get blogging! So hopefully it's not too painful or dull for anyone who decides to read these!
I have noticed since moving that it is a little hard to get the NYC mentality out of your system when living somewhere new. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment here and I think it is fabulous... however for the first week I kept thinking "I need to do some laundry, but I should wait until I absoultely need to since we have to pay for it"... while it's true we still have to pay for it... I don't need to worry about having a $5, $10, or $20 handy to put on that pesky laundry card. Also, as much as I hated doing laundry and having to go down and get it when the 30 or 35 minutes were up... that time limit made me do it. Now I can get it whenever I want... which like right now means the whites are still sitting in the dry, and have been since yesterday morning. I'm not complaining... just discovering that maybe time limits/deadlines are good for me.
One other thing about the NYC mentality deals with Electricity. Any given winter you would find us sitting on the couch under a blanket or two shivering, with maybe a little icicle dripping off our noses... we never turned the heat on, it was way too expensive. We got our first electricity bill the other day, now mind you it was just for 3 weeks, and it was only Mark here... but it cost $18!!! The AC will blow freely this summer, and bring on the cold, I am not afraid to use my heater!!!
I know all of the NY crowd will be cursing me as I "complain" about this, but it's not meant to be a complaint or a rub-your-nose-in-it, just an observation that life in NY seeps in without you realizing!! You're all welcome to come live in the Twin Cities with us and share these wonderful things!!
Grocery shopping is different too... they have online grocery services similar to FreshDirect, but after going grocery shopping, I don't know why people would use them! In NYC you use them to save money, and for convenience... who wouldn't love to have things delivered to your door!! In Minneapolis I don't think I will ever use the online grocers again! We got Special K (4 different flavours) 2 for $5.00!! Gristede's would have charged me $5 for half a box! You forget what the regular world is like... a gallon of milk at one store was $2.09, is that legal?

So far life has been good here, not that I have ventured out too much. They supposedly have a great big Farmer's market downtown every Thursday, so Mark was going to check it out to see if it is true and where it is, and I may mosey down there next week and see what goodies I can find. However my next task for however long it takes whill be the job search... I wonder if I should give BK a try? Ok, so that won't happen... anyone have any suggestions on career paths I should look into? I am always open to suggestions!


MOM said...

You would have to pick the worst picture of the bunch...come to think of it, they were all pretty bad!!! Anyway, glad you had some laughs watching your old Mom hop around on the dance floor.

Suzanne said...

Job hunting the the worst!! Good luck-you will find something great!

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I am ever so sorry!

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