A little bit of heaven on earth

The black and white cookie.
I am not sure if life gets any better than this unexpected delectable treat! I lived in NYC for a good year before I had my first B&W. It was at the PWC skating night at Bryant Park that we went to with our good friends The Chamberlains.
We were given food coupons and Mark bought us some hot chocolate and a B&W cookie. I was not too excited, as I was positive I was not going to like it at all. He had also bought something else, so we ate that first. I put the cookie in my bag and took it home with me but it wasn't for a few days that I would give it a try.
When I am wrong, I will completely admit it. So.... I was wrong. I LOVE the Black and White cookie. I always think of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry and Elaine are in the bakery waiting to buy some babka. Whilst they wait, Jerry has a B&W, and proceeds to tell Elaine why he loves the cookie.
So it is my mission for everyone to eat a B&W!!
If you live in NYC and have not had one... go forth and eat!
If you don't live in NYC, but come here for a visit... eat one!
If you don't live in NYC and never come here.... you can find places online that will ship them to you!! Like here or here.
So now there are no excuses for not eating a B&W, unless you're diabetic.


Krista said...

I gotta admit- I lived there almost 2 years and never tried one...if it had been all chocolate, I might have given it a go...for some reason I was always prejudiced about the white part. Now I am regretting my omission. That does look dang good. Guess I will have to settle for some dark chocolate M&M's.

Christopher and Alicia said...

haha! i love this entry! it took me FOREVER to try one also! they are so.....unappealing looking, like those little candies that are black, white, and pink and taste like nasty licorice or something. anyway, i had the same conversion as well... i'm born again! =)

Melissa said...

Mmmmm...my birthday is in August!