I spent the past weekend in San Antonio, for my little sister's graduation. My Mom and Dad came down the week before and I arrived, to my sister's surprise, on Thursday morning. I hadn't been to visit since she and her husband have been stationed there (he is in the USAF). Texas is hot. I know, I know, it is only May, but it was well into the 80's while I was there. Luckily, it wasn't super humid, or I don't think I would have left the air conditioned house. It's a nice city though... a little crazy with the roads (3 levels!), lots of trees and in only a few minutes, it's like you're out in the country.

I got to spend some time with my mom and sister shopping, we ate at lots of good places, and we even went to SeaWorld! They have some super fun sea lions there. They will try to bite an ear off another sea lion just to get a fish... talk about determined!
They are pretty funny animals, and very, very vocal! It is quite an entertaining time when you stop by for a visit with them! I was a little disappointed with the Penguin house... might be because I love penguins so much, but their home isn't very inviting. I know they need it to be super cold (they are Emperor Penguins... I am guessing Texas is not quite the climate they are used to), but they have them behind this piece of glass, with a moving sidewalk infront of it, with a standing area behind that. It is so dark in there too.. it's hard to get a good picture. As much as I love the penguins (except Happy Feet... that movie was a little weird for me), the sea lions were more entertaining this time around.
We took a few drives out around the scenic loop area (for anyone familiar with the area), saw many nice homes, and saw where the great big mulch fire was a few moths back. It's not burnging anymore... but it's only been fully out for a month or so. Apparently as it burned, they left the neighbouring cows mill around in the field. Guess they thought the fire was contained enough not to worry about cows on fire or anything!! That wouldn't have been a pretty sight.

I was only there for a few days, but it was fun to see my sister, her husband and my parents all in one visit. We never seem to be able to get everyone together all at once, in the same location, so we have to take what we can get, when we can get it!

Also, a late Happy Mother's Day shoutout to my Mom. It was the first Mother's Day I was able to see my mom for (even if it was just 15 minutes at 6:00am before they left for the airport) since I left for University in 2000. Thanks for being the best mom, Mom!! I love you!


Suzanne said...

I am SOOOOO jealous that you were in San Antonio! How fun to see you family for Mother's Day. I can't believe you are moving so soon...sad!

Melissa said...

What a fun trip. Was it a surprise for your sis or your mom too? I love surprises.
Was SA crazy with the basketball games going on? There must be lots of excitement in the city right now.
Cute pic of you and your madre!

Jen Richards said...

Looks like a great trip- how fun for your sister that you and your parents came down for her graduation. I love Sea World- and I have not been there since my 7th grade school trip to San Diego. Sorry the penguins were dissapointing!