The Love of my Life

I love LOST. There's never been a doubt in my mind about it. When ABC started showing promos for their new show in 2004, I was intrigued and thought "I am going to watch this show and see what it's like". Mark would have none of it, he thought it was going to be some cheesy, Jurassic Park - type series. I told him I was going to watch it anyway. Let's just say that Mark quickly fell into step and is every much a LOST lover as I am. Season 1 was incredible. Every week, I would sit on the edge of my seat, jaw open, wondering what I had just witnessed!! So many questions, coincidences (?), mysteries.... it was great!!! When Season 2 haters came around, I was not one of them. How they expected Season 2 to top Season 1, it wasn't possible. We needed character development, backstories... it needed to slow down a bit. When Season 3 brought more haters, I stood strong in my beliefs. We were starting to get answers, although slowly, but people wanted more. I say, if they had given us all the answers, there would be no more show to watch! You have to be patient, the people behind this show know what they are doing. When the hiatus happened, I took it in stride, knowing it would be fantastic to have back to back all new epsiodes without the dreaded repeats.
So this goes out to all of the haters out there... you better not be jumping back on the bandwagon because of how freaking amazing this season is becoming!! Every episode this season gets better and better. Last night when it came to a close, I could not WAIT for next week's episode. I haven't had that feeling in a long time, but I was glad it was back. There are 3 episodes left.... this season finale is going to be amazing!! Who will die next? Who is Naomi? What secret are Jack and Juliet keeping from Kate? Is Kate pregnant? Will Sun die? Will Desmond stop saving Charlie....? What the heck is Ben going to show Locke? Is there some sort of magic box??
So many questions!!!
I love this show.


Jen Richards said...

I did not get to watch it last night - good thing we Tivoed it! I miss our long talks about Lost- there is no one at the new office who can compare to your vast knowledge of the show. I am looking forward to watching it tonight!

Suzanne said...

My love for "Lost" has been fading lately, but I will say that last night's ep. so pretty dang good.

jenn said...

I LOVE Lost too! We didn't watch it until super late last night and so we both fell asleep at the beginning. Kurt asked me to wait to watch it with him tonight and I waited until about 7:30a.m. this morning and then watched it by myself ... don't tell Kurt! I guess that I will be re-watching it again tonight :")