We're Back!

Ok, so this isn't our apartment, but it's pretty much what it has looked like the past 2 days (add 58 more boxes and 6 or 7 larger piles of paper and bubble wrap!!). The end is in sight though... just odds and ends to put away and organize, an of course the 9 boxes of books to put in the bookscase, but that is Mark's job. So far it has been good. We took a roadtrip over the Memorial weekend to my parents in the 'Peg. I got to see my Mother dance in bellbottoms and an afro (picture will come later -don't you worry Mom!), visit some friends and see family I haven't seen in awhile.
The first week here was loads of fun... an air mattress, TV, and crossword puzzles until my heart was content! Who knew unpacking could make you feel like you have a purpose when you wake up!! Although now that it is coming to a close.... I suppose job hunting will have to take its place. Or I could be a procrastinator and not job hunt, it's not something I enjoy.
Perhaps when the apartment looks a little more together I will post some pictures I won't be embarassed by, and I will take some time to post some blogs that have some substance in case anyone wants to know what we've been up to
(LOST finale anyone???)!


Meg Porter said...

Yeah- It's so good to see you are alive. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place with out the boxes of coures :-)

Nicole said...

The offer still stands - you can have your old job back at anytime! Just think how nice it would be to skip the job search!